How to see the Bright Future, Past and Present

Bright Future

Your heart rate increases, your palms are sweaty, and your breathing becomes shorter not bright future .

You are not experiencing a heart attack. Instead, you are just worrying. You can only replay a life-changing event that has happened and then you fall into an ever deeper level of anxiety. Although you try to get out of this situation and look towards the future, your mind begins visualizing countless futures that have been adversely affected by this single event. Instead of worrying, you panic.

You are out of control because your mind keeps racing between replaying the events (which somehow seem worse each time) or fearing the future (which also seems worse each time). There is no way to control your surroundings. You can wander aimlessly, miss your train stop, bump into someone, spilling his coffee on you. Then you walk into a puddle of water that you hope is not. Because you are so focused on other things in your life, other tenses, you don’t pay much attention to the present. Because you worry about another thing, you miss the joy of living.

Did the story stir up any emotions, besides being written in the second person? It sounds familiar? Maybe it’s a bit too familiar. You might be too familiar with the past, future and present. It is extremely harmful to be attached to the past or driven by it. This attitude can cause anxiety, stress, and worry. This way of thinking can lead to all negative emotions in your life.

Even if you didn’t know the example, chances are you are too focused on the Bright Future and the past, and not enough on living in the present.

Learning from the Past, Not Worrying

People make the biggest mistake when they refer to their past. They do this from a negative perspective, worrying about events and worrying about what might happen. It doesn’t matter what your past is, you can’t change it. You can’t edit the parts you don’t like or add something new. The same goes for historical events that have shaped humanity.

Masochism is the act of repeatedly reliving the past. This is a form of self torture that has no benefits to your life.

We see the past through the prism of our current circumstances. It is based on what we know, which is unfair to the past. The past happened in a different time. It was a different time. We had less experience, thought differently and had less knowledge. It is important to analyze the past in order to make major decisions. This will allow us to compare our current thinking with the past.

Learning from the Past, Not Worrying

It seems safe to me to assume that nobody reading this article can see into the Bright Future. However, I am happy to be proven wrong.

We need to see the past differently. It is time to see it in a different way. It is not intended to be relived, criticized, or regretted. It is not something to dwell on, replay or cause us to feel negative emotions. It is not for worrying. The past is meant to be learned.

Only when we can learn from the past, is it useful.

It is possible to look back on past events, such as the electric car and the moon landing. We can also learn from those experiences. These were brilliant ideas. We cannot change these ideas, but we can learn from them. You can use the lessons from your past experience to weigh up any Bright Future daring haircuts. This is the purpose of your past experiences.

You aren’t learning anything if you wake up each day and regret your silly green Mohawk. After you’ve learned your lesson, there are no other benefits to looking back at the past. It is time to move forward.

Although the green Mohawk is a ridiculous example, I used it to illustrate that we cannot change our pasts, even small, inconsequential things like a bad haircut. It is impossible to change it, no matter how significant and life-altering. We can only learn from it and apply that knowledge to our lives in the Bright Future.

Planning is the Bright Future, not worrying

The Bright Future is the next most important focal point of worry and stress in our daily lives.

Future is by its very nature unknown. It is the future. It is magic, it is constantly changing, and it cannot be controlled. Regardless of how much you worry and think about the Bright Future , the simple truth is that it’s impossible to control and will likely not be the way you expect. It won’t, in fact. The more you worry about the future, the further it is away, the less likely it is that it will be what you expected.

The Bright Future we worry about can only be a state of our imagination. The Bright Future we worry about is only the outcome of the actions taken up to that point. At that moment it ceases being the Bright Future and becomes the past for a brief moment before it disappears and it becomes part of our present.

It is impossible to predict the Bright Future. It is futile to worry about the Bright Future events in our lives because you can be sure that they will change. What would you do in five years’ time? Do you think you could get it right 100% of the time? Are you sure you think everything will have happened exactly the way you planned?

Planning is the Bright Future, not worrying

Planning is more important than worrying about the Bright Future. Planning is not enough.

Your life will not go as planned . This is great news , because it would make for a dull life. Unhappy life is one where everything goes according to plan. This is because you don’t have the skills or experience necessary to plan the life you want. You will get what you want when you reach your 30th birthday, 20th, or 30th years from now.

Preparing for the Bright Future is a way to prepare. Planning is not about exact execution, but simply being prepared for a list of possible outcomes.

Planning for the Bright Futureis easier when you set goals. Your goals serve as the guiding principles of your life and shape your actions. We can determine the direction we want to go by considering all options and setting goals. This knowledge can be used to guide our actions and decisions in the present.

The Present Is for Living, Not Worrying

The present tense is the moment when we have the most control and can decide our lives. It’s also the time that we spend worrying about everything else.

Worrying in the moment is a wasteful activity. You can’t live your life if you worry and stress about the Bright Future. Instead of experiencing life and enjoying it, you fill your time with negative emotions.

You only have the power to control your thoughts, actions and decisions in the moment. You have no control over everything else and it is not necessary for you to live a happy, enjoyable life. It is impossible to change the past, so why bother? Instead of dwelling on the past and worrying about it, try focusing your attention on what you can control. Live.

Living is about being present, paying attention to the world around you and more importantly your own inner thoughts. Listen to your inner voice and acknowledge what you feel. Also, observe how you react to external stimuli.

This will bring your attention to the present. This helps you to pay attention to what’s happening around you and how it affects your life. This awareness can help you feel more in control of your life and self-awareness. This allows you to control your life and live a fulfilled and happy life.

You can make a difference in your life by creating positive energy and focusing on the present with a laser-like focus. It is possible to make conscious decisions using your past experiences and future goals as motivation, but you must always be present in the moment. This is the key to happiness in your life.