Future Memes: Positive Ways for Your Daughter to Motivate

future memes

Your daughter deserves the best Future Memes possible.

You keep this in your thoughts every day. As you go about your day, you evaluate your daughter’s behavior and make predictions for the Future Memes. It’s impossible not to do it.

My daughter’s bedroom is now clean. I see her clothes scattered all over the floor. Her room was spotless fifteen minutes earlier. It’s hard to believe that she could have ruined it so quickly. In a matter of seconds, my mind raced to the future, and I thought, “If she doesn’t change, then no one will want to live with her in college.”

Do you sound familiar?

Your daughter deserves a bright Future Memes. Every day, you see evidence that she might not have a bright future. This causes anxiety and panic.

This is the recipe for Negative Future Speak.


Talk of a Negative Future Memes

Negative Future Memes Talk is a way to talk to your daughter in a negative manner in order to encourage her to change her behavior in the Future Memes.

Negative Future Memes Speak occurs when you are emotionally with her. You are afraid, frustrated, and panicked, so you reach for the big guns. You actually let the words out of your mouth, and then you wonder if you really said that. But you think, “It’s for her good.”

Because you want the shock effect, you can predict doom.

You want to grab her attention and make her listen.

You could say:

You will soon gain 200 pounds if you continue to eat like this.
You won’t ever be able to clean a room if you don’t know how.
Fine, don’t go to college.

You may think you’re telling her the truth at the moment, but in reality (and this is what I really want to say in the most loving manner possible), you’re reacting too quickly. I know because I have been there.

It’s almost as if you are the ghost of Christmas past, pointing your finger at her and showing her the most bleak and darkest Future Memes.

Here’s the deal. It won’t motivate her. It will make her mad or cause her to shut down. You will make her hate you and/or make her hate you. And you won’t feel better.

She won’t get the message that you want her to hear. Concrete thinking will make her hear “You think that I’m ugly.” “You think that I won’t be able to get into college.”

Talk of a Negative Future Memes

Positive Future Memes

Positive Future Memes Speak refers to talking positively about the future and motivating your daughter to make the steps necessary to realize her dreams. Positive Future Speak conveys hope.

It is easy when your child is doing well and you receive a good report card. When your daughter is challenging you and has different attitudes, it can be difficult.

  1. Positive Future Memes Speak begins with believing in her. (Even during the most difficult times)

You can be sure that your daughter will do something that triggers fear in you. You need to allow yourself to process your fear when this happens. Ask yourself, what are you afraid about? Fear will not take control and you’ll be back in Negative Future Memes Speak. Your daughter’s future is in flux and is not yet written. Your daughter’s worst behavior doesn’t determine who she will be.

Focus your attention on the times she’s been successful.
What are her strengths? What instances has she been kind?

Be aware of the exceptions.
What was the last time she cleaned her bedroom without you touching it? When was the last time she showed you that she was responsible? Was she sincere?

The goal is not perfection.
Your daughter is not perfect. Her brain is still developing. You can expect your daughter to make mistakes. She will make mistakes when she’s living under your roof. You have the chance to talk into her life and help develop her character and wisdom.

  1. Encourage her the most

You can be her greatest cheerleader even during the most difficult times if you recognize her strengths and talents.

Encourage her with specific praises and encouragement.
– I saw that you were really hard at work on your paper last night.
– Your kitchen was spotless Future Memes.
Despite having a difficult day, you were still able to complete your work.

She will not believe your encouragement if it is too broad.
Honey, you can do whatever you want Future Memes.

  1. Give her a long-term perspective Future Memes

Your daughter doesn’t have a long-term perspective. She is still a young child. Her experience was largely the ‘first’. She was first to fail a class, have a friend cheat on her, or have her heart broken by a boyfriend. It’s no wonder she is a drama queen, as it is her first time being hurt or betrayed.

You see the long-term. You’ve been there, and you can tell the tale. You can see that things are always in your favor. You ended up becoming better friends because your best friend betrayed. You should have married the man who cheated on your best friend. Realizing that your looks were not enough to get you through college, you realized the truth. You learned how you could do the work.

Your daughter will feel hopeful that she can overcome her current obstacles and move on if she has a long-term perspective.

  1. Let her know what the next step is

Although your daughter may have a big dream, she often doesn’t know how to make it a reality.

Ask her to help you connect the dots between the present and the future. It is done with hope. Your daughter should know that “your dream is possible, you just have to take the next steps.”

Your daughter may feel that her dreams are impossible so she often shuts down. When your daughter feels that her dreams and hopes are possible, she is motivated.

Exemple: This is how a conversation might look.

“Carol, I want to go to a great college so that you can continue your singing. That’s wonderful. How do you get started towards your goal?
“I could take voice lessons. “I could join a choir.”

“What are you going to do to achieve your dream?
“I would like to practice and improve my grades.”

These are some great ideas. This will allow you to continue developing your beautiful voice. What is stopping you from taking this step?
“I get distracted and spend too much time on my phone.”
“It is easy to get distracted. What can I do to help?

These questions will show your daughter you are there for her and want her to achieve her goals. It’s amazing how much more positive this feels than Negative Future Talk.

Believe that good things will happen for you both and your daughter.